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Executive Summary

        what makes Dry Erase Plus so special


Ø      Dry Erase-Plus™ is a 4 mil thick surface where permanent markers, regular markers, spray paint, tape, pen, pencil, and of course, dry erase markers all easily remove!


Ø      Cleans without ghosting stains...     eliminating expensive maintenance time and cleaning products.


Ø      Graffiti resistant, Stain resistant, Chemical resistant, Scratch resistant, Dent resistant, Bacteria resistant.

Lifetime Warranty.


Ø      We manufacture so lengths from 1 foot to 100+ feet are available.


Ø      Easy-read™ surface minimizes eye fatigue making it easier to read and view. 


Ø Transparent allows your colors, logo, etc to show through. 


Ø      Anti-glare surface allows the writing surface to double as a projection board. 


Ø      Use tape and magnets to attach items directly to the board… use as a tack wall.


Ø      Durable… Scratch resistant…  Crack resistant…  can be nailed or screwed into without damaging the surface. Surface is less porous so less marker is used creating the same image.


Ø   Indoor / Outdoor   Changeable outdoor signage!

Ø      Mural walls, seamless from 1 foot to 100+ feet, seamless!



Ø      Chalkboard Upgrades... Beautiful and efficient chalkboard upgrades using overlays saves money and is environmentally wise.       Best way to upgrade chalkboards and regular dry erase boards.


       Installs in less than ½hour. Very cost effective.



Ø      Eliminates the mess and health issues of chalk dust. Less dust is better for individuals to breathe especially asthmatic students and instructors; it is also better for computers and other machinery. Less for maintenance to clean. Check out the Photo Gallery



The 6½-week test

Ø      Permament Marker, Regular Marker, Dry Erase Marker, Highlighter, Pen, Pencil, Spray Paint, Stickers, Elmers GlueÒ, and Construction Adhesive were all placed on a Dry Erase-Plus™  dry erase board and left for 6 ½ weeks.   Most of the marks were removed with the simple wipe of a paper towel. The rest of the marks easily wiped off with a moisten paper towel. 

      All without ghosting, clean as new!    

Breakeven Analysis   

Cost Effective and Saves Money – Return on Investment Calculations

Ø      Save enough in just the cost of custodial labor of cleaning regular dry erase boards and chalkboards to pay for the best dry erase surface in less than one year! (savings on cleaning products adds up for even a quick return on investment).    Since this specific expense will be eliminated, your savings will be realized every year.  There is a calculator sheet that shows multiple year savings. Buy today and start the savings!



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Dry Erase-Plus Dry Erase Skins, Dry Erase Overlays, Dry Erase Replacements, Chalkboard Replacements, Board Resurfacing, Writeable Mural Walls, Dry Erase Paint, Magnetic Dry Erase Boards, and Movable Wall Partitions Room Dividers



Dry Erase -Plus Skins, Overlays, Replacement, and Upgrade is available in white and transparent.

Dry Erase -Plus is manufactured in the United States.


Home Office Dry Erase Boards... any size or coordinating color

School Dry Erase Boards... upgrade quickly and economically with one of our overlay products Preschool Early Childhood Centers Elementary Public Private High Schools Colleges and Universities Classroom Dry Erase

Office Dry Erase Boards... for that professional clean look after every erasing



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