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The ultimate dry erase concept is now reality... Dry Erase Paint. 

Dry Erase - Plus 

         Dry Erase Paint

JML has developed a dry erase paint that directly applies onto top coat latex paint, chalkboards, refrigerators and more!


Dry Erase-Plus  Dry Erase Paint is clear so it shows the color, logo, and graphics on the wall ! 

The amazing features continue... It is even repairable! and we back that with a lifetime warranty.

A one-part product... Simply stir and apply!

The process is very simple: stir and apply the Dry Erase - Plus   Dry Erase Paint clear coat onto the wall. Our Dry Erase Paint is a one-part product; just stir and apply. The product is available in pints (28 sq feet), quarts (60 sq feet), gallons (240 sq feet), and 5 gallon containers (1200 sq feet). The Dry Erase Paint is applied in two-three thin coats. The square footage helps you know when you have applied the right amount of product!

 Ready to write on in just 12 hours!  Use reguar dry erase markers, low-odor dry erase markers and dry erase crayons as soon as 12 hours! Regular markers, permanent markers, and spray paint after just 72 hours. Our dry erase paint is also UV protected, anti-graffiti, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Patent Protected. 

For a surface alternative to Dry Erase Paint try our Dry Erase Skins. They offer a quick answer to creating a dry erase surface... simply peel and stick!  All of our Dry Erase-Plus products easily remove...

Wow!  Wall-to-Wall Dry Erase...

          That makes a smart impression!


    This conference room was over 40' long. The surface can be applied from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, without a single seam. Can be applied directly over paint (call us for recommended paint surfaces), is repairable, and clear so all of your logos, graphics, lines, and words can be securely under the surface and visible.




     Corners are easy. Have a wrap around continuous dry erase surface in the color of your choice. Looks exactly like a gloss painted wall... that you can write on!




      Architectural designs (like this 45 degree angled wall) are easy to install and maintain.


  The surface can even be magnetic with a regular wall look!


    Call and order today! 1.888.877.2261!



Dry Erase - Plus 

                  Dry Erase Paint


Distributor / Installers are needed.  Call us today for more information how you can be installing this new and in-demand innovative product...  toll-free 1.888.877.2261


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