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 Dry Erase -Plus

Boards, Skins, & Magnetic Overlays  

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Our Dry Erase products are durable, dent-resistant, accepts tape, magnetic, come in assorted sizes, and are available in a rainbow of colors. Permanent markers, tape, glue, spray paint, pens, pencils, finger paint, crayons… all easily wipe clean !   

Our customers came to us for a solution. Have you ever seen white boards that have had too much cleaner (or water) placed on them or have been scratched?  The water gets behind the surface, it wicks and absorbs into the backing, and then the surface swells, pops, and discolors. Or someone who has an expensive porcelain marker board that got bumped and now has a dent and the porcelain popped off? Then there is always someone mistakenly uses the wrong type of dry erase marker, or grabs a permanent marker, crayon, tape, sticker, gum tack, or even a pen, and then the board becomes permanently damaged?  Our customers asked for a product that solves these problems; plus, is low cost, resistant to graffiti, easy to install, and can be used as an overlay on their existing writing surfaces - saving them even more money.

JML's Dry Erase-Plus surface answers all of these needs plus more. Instructors and teachers can now use tape or magnets on this scratch-resistant, dent resistant surface to place helpful materials or displays directly on the surface. Its unique properties allow it to be used as a write-able projection screen. Now instructors can write directly on the easy-to-read screen filling in forms or accentuating information, and then quickly erase the markings. Now you can have  "Mural Walls" for pre-school students (who will write with anything!), inexpensive chalkboard upgrades for older aged school children (where readability is a must and easier to read with our trademark anti-glare surface!), and seamless dry erase surfaces for corporate meeting spaces up to 100 feet long... all for a low, direct from the manufacturer, cost.  Our surface also offers anti-ghosting, giving you a picture perfect surface after every cleaning!

See some of our pictures in the Photo Gallery.

Dry Erase-Plus dry erase surface is manufactured at an amazing 4 mils thick (most surfaces are only 2 mils) and, by our customers' requests, is now also available in only the skin with a quick to apply adhesive backing.  So durable it can be used indoors and outdoors. Dry Erase-Plus  is such the perfect dry erase surface, that water based markers, wax based writings like crayons, and other writings that destroy most surfaces like Sharpie permanent marker and spray paints simply wipe off. Anti-ghosting even after months, it is designed to deep clean with just water so our customers can clean without traditional cleaning products! Anti-graffiti. Save money on both the cleaners and maintenance time; this product will stay clean with just an eraser and water on a soft cloth! 

Magnetic and/or Use Tape!...   Remove the liability issues of push pins and stick pins, and eliminate the maintenance issues of the pins getting in vacuums ruining belts, bags, and rollers. Now, tape and magnets place your presentation materials directly on the writing surface keeping everyone’s attention on your subject matter. Our magnetic surface is even dent-resistant!

Projection Quality...   Dry Erase-Plus™ is the perfect projection quality surfaceJML's Dry Erase-Plus™ has created the writable surface that the projection industry has been searching for!  Use it as an overlay. Have a projection quality surface, that is writeable, all in one!

Many schools and organizations upgrade their chalkboards with our chalkboard overlays!  With your existing molding (we also have replacement molding available), the upgrade takes about 20 minutes. It is beautiful, and the most cost effective.  Non-profit companies specifically asked for this feature.

Dry Erase-Plus™ is also available on our Movable Walls for the ultimate in room dividers.

Seamless...  Our flexible skin is manufactured 4 feet wide and 100 feet long. Wrap your entire room in seamless dry erase!

Transparent...   Now the color of the wall shows through. Transparent, durable, seamless  Dry Erase-Plus applies directly onto your existing wall or board, allowing the wall color, graphs, logos, and words to be completely visible. This is an architect's dream!  

Use tape!  Yes, our surface accepts tape so you can simply tape up documents or anything else and quickly take them down.

We help you keep your presentations sharp!

Durable with a life-time warranty. This surface offers all the benefits:

Dry Erase-Plus™ is available as a skin, or attached to a 1/8 inch to 1/2 inch thick hardboard backing. Based on your application, the boards come framed or un-framed. These options accommodate direct wall applications, inexpensive chalkboard upgrade overlays, or new wall mounted boards; indoors and outdoors. The surface is available in any width up to four feet and up to 100 feet in length.  Need a seamless covering 3 1/2 feet wide and 16 feet long?  We have it! 


You have come to the right place!  You have found the right product.


More Benefits...

Our dry erase system will apply directly to existing chalkboards, damaged dry erase boards, or walls. The process is simple and quick with our pre-adhesive backed surfaces.  Most maintenance personnel can easily cover existing chalkboards in about 20 minutes or less, or install a mural panel in about 15 minutes or less. There is also a toll-free hot-line to speak with an experienced installer.


The Dry Erase-Plus™ surface is transparent!  Your wall color will beautifully show through our transparent dry erase surface. You can also order your choice of colors for us to make a Dry Erase-Plus™ dry erase board for you.  Graphics, logos,  grids, and verbiage can be added before applying Dry Erase-Plus™ to have them permanently below the surface; now you can write directly over them and they stay when you erase!


Besides a low purchase price, your operational savings can be more in one year than the cost of upgrading all of your dry erase and chalkboard surfaces:

On-line Pricing Quotes, Dry Erase Product Line, and a Breakeven Analysis Example


Product Comparison

Performance      Melamine Dry Erase- Plus Porcelain
Dry Erase Markers Yes Yes Yes
Regular Markers No Yes Some
Pencils Some Yes Yes
Crayons No Yes No
Pens No Yes Yes
Permanent Markers No Yes No
Spray Paint No Yes No
Magnetic Some Yes Yes
Dent resistant magnetic Yes Yes No
Scratch Resistant No Yes Yes
Use tape No Yes Yes
Stain-free No Yes Some items
Outdoor use No Yes No
Allows dry erase surfaces of any color No Yes No
Resistant to wick water No Yes Possible Rusting
Interior and Exterior Use No Yes No
Inexpensive Yes Yes No

Maximum Length

Special Cleaner

8 foot


100 feet

Water / Cleaner

16 foot

Easy to Install Skins - Yes No
Cut in field Yes Yes No
Seamless Corners No Yes No
Repairable Surface No Yes No
Self Adhesive No Yes Some / Heavy
Performance      Melamine Dry Erase-Plus Porcelain
    4 Yes 21 Yes 8 Yes

**Dry Erase-Plus is a pending registered trademark of JML Products and Design.

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Dry Erase Comparison 


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 Executive Summary

  Clean - See the test

  Photo Gallery

  Pricing & Cost Savings

  Installation Guide  

  Skins & Overlays






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Dry Erase -Plus Skins, Overlays, Replacement, and Upgrade is available in white and transparent.

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