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JML's Dry Erase -Plus products are versatile in both use and installation. 

Your #1 Chalkboard Upgrade Product.  Durable dry erase surface with adhesive already on the back makes installation a snap... or have the surface bonded to a 1/8th inch or a 1/4 inch hardboard; either product simply covers existing chalkboards. Premium quality overlays for a fraction of the cost of new.

Dry erase boards...

    •   picture perfect, anti-ghosting (Dry Erase-Plus resists the ghosting that can occur from some dry erase markers)           

    •   graffiti resistant (see the test on our JML Dry Erase-Plus  Dry Erase Surface)

    •   scratch resistant and dent resistant        

    •   mistake resistant (wrong markers can ruin many dry erase board surfaces; JML's Dry Erase-Plus  Dry Erase Surfaces handles permanent markers, pens, pencils, magic markers, spray paint, glue, and tape residue with ease; leaving a clean, clear surface.)

    •   use Un-Scented Markers or Special Scented Markers (Dry Erase-Plus resists the ghosting that can occur from some special un-scented and scented dry erase markers)

    •   use tape or magnets to attach materials directly to the dry erase board

    •   less need for custodial / maintenance cleaning         

    •   deep cleans with just water - save money on special cleaning products


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      We help you keep your presentations sharp!

      This surface offers all the benefits:

      •   Anti-Ghost

      •   Scratch resistant           

      •   Dent resistant

      •   Chemical resistant         

      •   Graffiti resistant

      •   Bacteria resistant          

      •   Stain resistant

      •   Lifetime Warranty

      Our dry erase surface is available as a skin, or attached to a hardboard backing with thicknesses from 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch. Based on your application, they come accepting tape, magnetic, framed or un-framed. These dry erase options accommodate direct wall applications, inexpensive chalkboard upgrade overlays, or new wall mounted boards. The surface is available in any width up to four feet and up to any length up to 100 feet long.  Need a covering 3 1/2' wide and 16 feet long? We have it!  Our boards are also available in a variety of colors and our dry erase film is transparent, showing your wall color, logo, and graphics protected under the anti-glare dry erase surface.

      Enjoy continuous, seamless runs of dry erase up to 100' long.  Desire a floor to ceiling dry erase wall?  You have come to the right place!

      Since we manufacture, we can cut your overlays to your chalkboard's exact dimensions.  Even chalkboards that have joining strips in the middle can have a new continuous seamless look with a new overlay install

      Our anti-glare surface also serves as a writeable projection screen!

      Permanent markers, tape, glue, regular markers, pens, pencils, spray paint, crayons, all easily wipe clean !   This product is graffiti resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant, and chemical resistant.


      Match your existing paint color!  Choose our Transparent dry erase surface. Allow the colors, graphics, and designs under the surface to be seen! Our Transparent surface allows any color to be visible and now dry eraseable! 

      Dry Erase-Plus applies directly to most any surface creating a dry erase surface that easily erases almost any markings, and is a protective shield.


      Besides low pricing, your operational savings are impressive:

      •  Cover existing writing surfaces and replace the existing moldings (trim, map rails, eraser trays) with major savings.

      •  Dry erase boards replace both chalk boards and overhead projector screens all in one.

      •  Because of savings realized on custodial labor, many schools and organizations who use chalkboards or traditional dry erase boards (that require extensive cleaning to remove ghosting) will realize a break-even during the first or second year, just based on the custodial hours spent on cleaning!

      On-line Pricing Quotes, Dry Erase Product Line, and a Breakeven Analysis Example


      Our Story


      Typical classroom problem... Someone places tape on a chalkboard and then pulls it off, removing some of the chalkboard surface... Too much cleaner (or water) is used to clean a dry erase board, or it has a scratch, and the liquid gets behind the surface; it wicks and absorbs into the backing, and then the surface swells, pops, and discolors. A magnetic board with the metal on the surface is bumped making a ding; the porcelain cracks and eventually pops, chipping away to a bigger spot. Then, there are always the marks from the wrong type of marker, crayon, tape, glue, gum tack, or pen, and then the board becomes permanently damaged... Hours and hours of time are spent in keeping the boards clean, and then at the end of the day they are, once again, dirty or showing a ghosting residue, needing even more cleaning. Now, the right product is made...

      Designed for teachers and actual classroom use, Dry Erase-Plus dry erase surfaces are the solution. Instructors and teachers can now use tape or magnets to attach helpful materials or displays directly on this dent and scratch-resistant board. All markers (even permanent markers!), crayons, paint, pens, pencils - all easily clean off without ghosting. The board is specially designed to make it easier to read as-well-as a projection screen, so you can write directly on the screen! Our product line has been installed as "Mural Walls" for pre-school students (who will write with anything!), inexpensive chalkboard upgrades for older aged school children (where optimum readability is a must!), and in corporate meeting spaces where having a picture perfect (anti-ghost) surface is needed after every erase! Dry Erase-Plus is low cost, resistant to various forms of graffiti, easy to install, and can be used as an overlay on any existing writing surface - saving even more money. Dry Erase-Plus

      is the solution





  •   easier to read           

  •   use color to enhance

  •   no chalk dust         

  •   less expensive to maintain

  •   less classroom / boardroom time spent in erasing, cleaning the board, and cleaning erasers

  •  JML Dry Erase-Plus adds...

        •    Easy Read Surface

             Project and Write

             Post directly on the Surface using Regular Tape

             Graffiti resistant

             Scratch resistant

             Dent resistant

             Chemical resistant

             Bacteria resistant

             Stain resistant

             Lifetime Warranty

      • This surface offers all the benefits



    Overlay existing surfaces, use the existing trays and molding to save even more money, or use add-on molding... save hundreds of dollars on multiple boards.

    Excellent for corporations, schools, and meeting spaces.


    Dry Erase-Plus

    delivers perfect anti-ghost cleaning every time.



      **Dry Erase-Plus is a pending registered trademark of JML Products and Design.




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Dry Erase -Plus Skins, Overlays, Replacement, and Upgrade is available in white and transparent.

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